Saturday, May 24, 2014

A little something I am working on.....

 A friend of mine was making an initial for her grandson....and I loved the idea.
These letters are rather more room to add things.
I got the letters (cardboard) at Joann's 
You can make of it what you want....
I chose to make mine memories:)
These are for Margo and Milly!
You will notice...Milly has a lot more on her letter.
Well, Margo hasn't taken part in many activities...
and those she has...are based on FOOD!
She has a Frig and an assortment of food and cakes
on her "B".
"B" stands for their last name!

On Milly's I have art, the birdhouse she made with Papa, sewing machine, favorite food, horse back riding,
 tea set she loves to play with me 
and Sanibel Island where her daddy has a home.
Thus the sea shells and whale:)

After painting them pink....
I sprayed them with Krylon glossy, clear spray.
As you can see....I am no where finished...
but thought I could add to these over the years.

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