Sunday, February 09, 2014

Papa and Margo share the same birthday....FEB. 8th!

Didn't get any good pics........Margo is harder and  harder to get a good pic of her! She is still adorable but not as anxious to have her picture taken. She will say "Cheeseburger" when I say smile....but NO smile:(

They spent the night and went to Josie's school play with us. Then on Birthday Day.....Margo and Papa were treated to dinner at Cracker Barrel by Michael. Milly is always cooperative when I get the camera out....sometimes so silly I can't get a shot though. She is so photogenic!!!!

Then Meems and Leo helped me surprise Rog with a dinner at 1904 Steak House at River City and an evening of gambling. Of course you can guess who the big winner was????? Meems!!!!!!!!!!
 We really GOT HIM! All the way up to the Restaurant....he looked befuddled...ha..ha..ha!

If you want an outstanding should try it:)  Top notch all the way, delicious food, beautiful surroundings and great service. Such a FUN EVENING:)  Happy Birthday Honey!!!!!!!

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