Friday, November 01, 2013

In No Particular Order......

Our Quilting Guild members have been working on many service projects during the year.
I have been making Pillowcases for Kids with Cancer.  Janet, a guild member, has been making them for some time now....and I decided to join her.
These are made with flannel, I only hope that is suitable!
Another problem is that I didn't wash my fabric before sewing :( 
I have a feeling that should have been done.
I'll get that old machine going before I cut out any more.

 Last night we went in the rain to see the kids to out "Trick or Treating". Had dinner at Carrie's and then popped the umbrellas. It didn't seem to dampen the excitement of the evening....even where my daughter-in-law was concerned :^)

And finally.....number #2 is finished.
We will see how far we want to take this :)

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