Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For you Laura.....

Recently we finally changed the precious little bedroom that we have had for the last ten yrs. At the time that Margo was born I had a friend painted the border of the room.....reading "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star....."
This room has been used by almost all of the grandkids:)  The problem is that they are now more interested in Justice than the kiddy room they have been using:( Anyway, I am thrilled with the new room because we have needed the additional queen bed badly (which replaced the twin).


I was lucky...we have a new baby in our family, Vivian.
I was able to give any of the toys and vintage items to her
for years to come :^)

Pretty color.....Porter Paint Heavy Cream.....thanks Arica!

 No pictures on the wall yet.....not going to be hasty:)

Thanks Meems for the tip on ironing the bedspread......where have I been for the last 70 yrs.?    LOL!

Below.....I asked my sweet hubby to make the room extra pretty with really big crown molding....he outdid himself....
Beautiful honey!

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