Friday, June 21, 2013

St. John's Mercy Hospital and Dr. Joseph treated we well :^)

After our great Birthday celebration for Cyndy and lunch the next day at Piccadilly's with my niece....I was feeling a little short of breath. For several months now I have been short of breath when climbing the stairs...which was odd for me. I also felt like there was a weight on my chest. My hands had felt tingly that morning as well. Now mind you....non of these symptoms were strong! I decided after leaving Tracey ( my niece) I would stick around Webster rather than returning to Eureka where no one was home.
I drove to my son's house to sit for awhile and get a glass of water.....that didn't happen....he whisked me off to the emergency room  and that is when the fun started!
Evidently my enzyme level in my blood showed that I was in the troughs of a HEART ATTACH!
Just for the record.....I felt fine, but I could feel my heart racing and flipping around.
After surgery, only to find that arteries were all clear. The MRI and Scan showed no blood clots, low blood pressure and low collestoral the doctors were puzzled.
They said my heart was healthy, arteries clear of plaque, lungs looking good....the cardiologist feels I was having an "A-Fib" attack.
Well....I guess that is something I will have to deal with from now on.....but it can be controlled to some extent. With a blood thinner, beta blocker and meds to control the rapid heart beats.....I was good to go:D
I have been wearing a monitor that speaks to me when I am not doing what I am supposed to:) tells me when an electrode is not connected, when the phone to "LIFE WATCH" needs charging and when I am too far away from the phone. They are recording my every heart beat in Chicago at the headquarters for "LIFE WATCH".
After 3 days in the hospital....they sent me on my way.....
only to get a call from "LIFE WATCH" within 4 hours of being home.
They alerted me that my heart rate had gone to 190 and I needed to return to the hospital :^(
They introduced another med to control my heart rate and I was home by 2:00 am!
Well I am one lucky camper and thrilled for the technology that kept me here a bit longer!

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