Monday, May 27, 2013

Milly's Graduation and Memorial Day!

Last week we had the graduation of Milly from Kindergarten!
This little girl had perfect attendance and never tardy for the entire year!!!
We are proud of you girl:)

Great Job for your first year of school!!!

Trying to get everyone to smile 
look at the camera at the same time....
can be challenging!

Fun Memorial Day celebration!

Jeffer we missed your family:(

Our babes.....and fun cousins!  Milly loves getting to see 
Hunter and Chase (so do I).

 Trying to get Margo to look at the camera and smile is harder than you can imagine....LOL
See that happy little face with the arm braces on?

 Jim and Papa sharing a beer on the porch!

Chris just hanging out!

Milly and Aunt Sheila.

Sister in laws hard at work:)

A personal moment between aunt Sheila and Margo :D

 Hunter and Chris have the strangest smiles.....but oh do cute!

Grandma took these at the end of the evening when everyone was tired and crabby:)
Not the best picture of the girls.....LOL

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