Thursday, November 15, 2012

Short Trip to the Strip......

Last week we headed to Vegas for a little R&R! 

 We went with our neighbors and had a great time:D
Didn't win, but didn't lose much either! 
 Great food, fun times with friends and lots of lights!

Nice way to forget the gray days and cold weather.

 Our resident gamblers:)

 Her arm is ready!

If you like Pawn would have loved this!
The actual pawn shop.
The first day we waited in line
due to a crew filming inside!
With a 45 min. wait we decided to come back another day!

I couldn't resist asking for a picture!
A mustache convention taking place at the Golden Nugget!
Aren't they adorable?

Second try at getting in the Pawn Shop......we made it BUT
the owners and stars of the show weren't there!
We wanted to chat with Chumley.....but NO!

Rog's nephew Jason and his family live in Vegas and we enjoyed a nice dinner
with them one evening!
Below is their daughter Belle and Edward!
Was great getting to see them and especially the new baby!

Emma nursing baby Edward!

 The little man :D

Saying good-bye to a fun time!

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