Saturday, October 06, 2012

When You Are Not Expecting It.........

When my sis called this morning to ask why I haven't been blogging.........I thought maybe I better! Now, should I say what has really happened or just breeze by the past weeks with no mention?  Somehow that seemed too easy and not very truthful!  Four weeks ago I had 4 TIA's or small strokes.  
I was out working in the garage when I lifted my head and felt very dizzy!  What I didn't know was that I was having a stroke.  I  found myself looking at my husband standing in the doorway....unable to speak and answer his question!  He got scared and came out and got me into the house.  At that point I must have had the drooped face on one side and my right side was paralyzed.  Rog called 911 and an ambulance was there very quickly.....along with the fire dept., police, and my neighbors.  After two days in the hospital, we discovered that there were four strokes or TIA's and a possible 5th occurring several weeks ago! 
EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE HAS CHANGED!  I have been a smoker all of my life and I have never been able to quit.  Well that had to change.....and I knew it was going to be a struggle since that little cigarette had been my best friend for so many years.  Because the stroke was caused by a 90% blockage in an artery in my brain the neurologist said there was nothing she could do for me! Besides.....she said my chances of having another stroke were 50%.....not a very encouraging number:(  Well, my kids took matters into their own hands and have been quite encouraging on the smoking.  Also, Jeff (my youngest) has sent me natural vitamins and other homeopathic methods of good health.
I am now walking 2 miles a day......something I would have bet you I never would be doing...about 2 months ago:)  I have a nutritionist thanks to Jeff that visits with me once a week teaching me to eat correctly.
Although my counts were all good......there appears to be a family trait of hardening of the arteries.  I now need to lower my fat intake as much as I possibly can in hopes of widening the opening and keeping me from having another stroke! now understand where I have been and what I have been up to:)
I have finished several tops but they are at the quilter now and I will share when I get them back.
Above is a quilt I am making for the girls room here at my house!  
I love the chevron and thought that a quilt for that room would be perfect.
Below are a  few of the last flowers of summer.


Carla K said...

Sending healing thoughts your way!

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

love you, sister ~ Love that you are walking 2 miles a day... keep it up, it's fantastic ! All the people who love you want to keep you around for another 20 or 30 years ! ( a ciggy really can't be a best friend, even though it might seem like it... ha ha )