Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walking for Life.........

No, these are not my legs
with the tiny ankles
 beautiful youthful skin.......but.....they get the point across!
Since my 4 TIA's I have not only quit smoking.....
but have started walking.
  Something that I never thought I would be doing:)
  I found a place that meets all my criteria
and is close by!
I started out with 2 miles a day
and have increased the trip to 3 1/2 miles
 at the present time:D 
 I am also on this low fat diet
in hopes that all of these things might decrease
the 90% blockage
in an artery in my brain. 
 My counts are all low which is unusual
since I have this blockage......but.....whatever,
it is there!
I am still waiting to see another neurologist......
their time is like GOLD
 and getting an appointment
has been extremely hard!!!!!
  The neurologist that saw me at the hospital
was anything but professional
on some levels
 and left me wanting a second and third opinion.
I am anxious to see what another doctor thinks
 of the MRI
 since the doc at the hospital
 said there was nothing she could do for me....because the blockage was in a difficult place!
I am hoping that other eyes will have
other opinions!
Now it is time to go and walk!!!!!

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