Friday, August 17, 2012

One More Visit Before School Starts!

The girls came to visit one last time before school starts:)
I decided I would have a project for them in the studio
instead of going bowling or to the show!
WOW.....was that a success!
I prepped some painter's tarp fabric
I had left from the sofa job:D
Then I moved on to making a quick little sample.
When they arrived everything was ready
and so were they:D
They ran to the studio before stopping
for a kiss or a hug!
They were into this for 3 hours straight
and we only stopped long enough
to have a hotdog!!!

Obviously the idea was to make a pillow for their bed!
                                   A self portrait at that:D

Josie is always so serious about her projects.....I just love it!

Gabby had so much fun!

She wanted to be just like Josie:)

Now there is a SMILE!!!

Gabby got right into stuffing!

We had so much fun.....and they were so proud of their artwork!
Makes me miss the classroom:(

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh, what a fun project! Looks like they had a great time and their pillows are so cute!!!