Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Master Bath....before and after!

Our master bath was looking tired and in need of an upgrade! 
 The shower was a mess from the hard water
here in Eureka
as well as daily use.
The carpet......should I say more?
  I just hated to give up the warm soft feel
on a winter's morning......but......I know,
it just had had had had to go!
We found a local tile man that came with a good reputation
.....and off we went.
I didn't get any "REALLY BEFORE" shots.......
that is the story of my life:) 
These are the next best thing.
These shots were taken once the carpet was removed
 along with all the 4 X 4 white builder's tile.
The tile man was something of an enigma .......
a college English Professor part time.....
tile man the other half!
I can only hope he is as good a professor as he is, perfection!

Although these shots are not very clear
plus it was late and I had to use the flash, 
here is where we are today!
Actually, as I write this post
the men are installing the rimless glass for the shower.
Rog still needs to caulk the frame around the mirror and the window
as well as a few other minor details,
then we are ready to put the room
back into use!!!!! 

The cabinetry was in good shape so we didn't replace it.
Love the paint color with the tile we selected.
Now it is time to find some artwork to finish it off!
I would love another Alicia LaChance.....but that probably isn't going to happen right now.

It will be so nice not having to hunt for my
hair dryer, make-up and hand cream,
which at the present time can be found in one of many places!

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Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

wow, he did a fantastic job ! It looks soooo good !