Sunday, July 22, 2012

Musical Beds....

 The last 6 days have been filled with Grandkids and Fun!
First Margo spent the night
then Kyle
next Josie and Gabby
and last but not least

All so precious and so different:)
Josie and Gabby spent a good hour
in the bubble bath!
They played the piano for us and sang:D
We were able to play outside for awhile
because the heat had subsided a bit.
We loved watching them do their
cartwheels and handstands!

Kyle on the other hand loved playing the
X-Box and danced for us and took us on in
some of the games he loves.
Papa took he and Carly bowling
where Kyle beat Papa the first game...ha..ha

Today, Milly and I had our special day!
We went to the American Girl store
and purchased her first American Girl Doll!
She was sooooo excited:D
Then we went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.
From there we did some school clothes shopping
and then back to the AGStore to get
an outfit and glasses for her new doll!
When we got home we were so pooped
we indulged in a little nap
and a great steak dinner:)
The world was right
Nana and Papa are tired!

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