Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where May took us................

First let me show you a friend that joined us in May........OMG!
We were headed outside to have a glass of tea and some conversation
when......Rog stopped me mid step!
His comment was......."don't freak out, but we have a visitor".... 

We had fun with the neighbors:D
This is the Fairmount Race big winners here
but, a lot of fun! 
Also paid a visit to the Lake
where our neighbors were
also staying for the week:D
Lots of good shopping!

 Much yardwork went on this month!!!
This is just one example.
We had some spots that had grown
unkempt over the years
and needed some TLC!

 A visit to Maeystown May Fest was a blast!
We ran into some good friends
and basically enjoyed the
gorgeous weather and all the antiques!
Needless to say.....we came home with many treasurers!

Sandy and I in our element!

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scrapwordsmom said...

Just wanted to let you know I used your work from Somerset Gallery as inspiration...I posted a link to your blog:)