Thursday, March 08, 2012

My Buns........

Left over from the booth we closed at the Antique mall.....
I was determined to do something with this little bookcase
and not just pitch it:D
Hubby took off the angled 1950's legs
and removed the hardware.
Then we went on a search for "BUNS".....feet that is!
Well...........they wanted almost $8.00/per at Lowe's
and I wasn't sure I could get even $30.00
for the bookcase when it was complete....
so that wasn't an option.
Hubby had a great idea
and we went looking in the fence post dept.......YEA!
There we found these post toppers for $3.00 each
and off we went!
I love the way it turned out, but didn't take a completed pic......
so this is the next best thing.
The pic showing where I filled the counter-sunk screws
holding on the new Buns......
I painted it with my homemade
Gray/Blue Chalk Paint!!!!!
light coat of wax
Off she went to the mall!

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

Great idea to use fence post caps! The bookcases look great!