Thursday, September 08, 2011

Floor reveal & Fabulous Friend:D

I feel so lucky to have a friend that is so unselfish
she would spend her day cleaning my house!
You see......the men made a huge mess
tearing up the old carpeting,
scraping up the staples,
cutting off doors,
leveling the floor
sawing the new wood!
My wonderful friend.....Meems....
who came the day after the floor was finished
volunteered to work her butt off ALL DAY LONG!
She arrived at 9:30
didn't leave until after 4:00 in the afternoon!
Not only that she worked all day,
but her sweet hubby brought us lunch
so we didn't have to fix anything or go out for a bite:D
I wish for you a friend that cares enough about you
to volunteer to wash you windows, baseboards, flooring
and knick knacks!
She even took all my curtains and drapes
to her home and washed
and fluffed them....returning them and re-hanging them
all fresh and dust free!
Thank you Meem!
Your help meant so much to me:D

Now for the floor reveal......

Rug is from Pottery Barn!

This isn't the rug that will remain in the dining room....
Meems came up with a solution to the "No Rug" situation:D
We just turned the oriental I had upside down!!!
It will work until I find what I want:D

I am so pleased with the makes so much better sense for us
with all the little people that come to visit.
I no longer have to worry about the carpeting being ruined with
cheese, juice and red yellow...Ha..Ha!

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