Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thinking of Fall!

While at Nell Hill's in K.C.
I picked up these beautiful white pumpkins
was ready to start introducing "Fall" to my home!
Starting with the mantel,
I used a twig wreath I purchased at an Estate Sale:D
The pumpkins and wire basket worked well with it.
The leaf stems were also from N.H.
added a special detail that I really like.
I purchased some artichokes at the grocery several weeks ago
and let them dry out.
I really like their shape and texture for Fall and Winter displays:D
Now I have to "Fall-sify" the rest of the house:D

I was impressed with several succulent gardens
I had found the galvanized oil pan
(probably used for changing car oil)
at an Estate Sale sometime ago.
I really like the inside garden
only hope it takes me through the winter months.
Having something live and green is so nice
when it gets cold and bitter outside:D
This garden sits on my kitchen island for the time being.
Not sure it gets enough light I will have to see how the plants do!
Check out this fabulous succulent table
created from old wooden pallets:D

There are so many varieties of succulents available....
it is hard to choose:D
The pea gravel keeps the plant leaves from touching the soil.
This garden needs little water
should not be watered until the soil is completely dried out.

These succulent starts sit in water on my kitchen table!
A friend gave them to me a month or so ago
I simply love they way they look.
Although they are rooting
I would love to keep a stand of them on the table
all winter long:D
Thanks Toni!

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Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the mantle arrangement. What a great idea about the artichokes! You have a wonderful eye!