Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some Recent Thrift Store Purchases.....

This piece was really U-G-L-Y........but,
with the help of Annie Sloane paint and wax
along with some Chalkboard paint.....she has come full circle:D
With a little help from hubby who put straps on the back to make it more secure
and a new magnetic closure on the door....
she is ready for the mall!
The little chalkboard on the door should bring joy to some little girl or boy!

This little piece just needed some tender loving care!
Once washed and de-stickered.......
she was ready for a fresh coat of paint and a little shabbiness!
I love how this turned out!

This little piece grabbed me because
it looked like a sewing machine table....handmade of course.
I think we are going to add an apron around the edge
of the top to make it look a little more stout!
I simply love the iron legs and the fact that it rolls around with ease.

This piece was just waiting for me...............
already white
longing for some TLC!
I was right there to give it what it wanted:D
A good sanding has been started and
when complete I will apply a coat of Annie Sloane Clear Wax.
I will be looking for new drawer pulls
since the ones that were on it appear to be kitchen cabinet pulls.....
not really suited for such a lovely shabby piece!
I will either paint the inside of the drawers a contrasting color
paper them with vintage wallpaper:D

Well that is it for now.......I do have some work to do!
I don't like to scout around for more furniture
until I get my space clear to work, since I share the space with hubby!
That space, I might add, is the home of our vehicles
that haven't been sheltered for quite a while!


Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

love the chest.... fun

Nelda Ream said...

Girl, you got it goin' on with all those thrifty finds. I like the way you have refurbished them. Your booth must be looking pretty awesome with all this cuteness going into it. Show us a picture of your booth, okay?

I also love your inspiring photos in the blog header.