Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just arrived home from Seattle!

Man made waterfall right in the middle of town.....
simply lovely and serene!

Flowers everywhere.....makes your heart sing!

This class blowing studio is located in Pioneer Square.....
Dale Chihuly once worked and sold from this gallery!

Artists' are constantly at work beautifying the city .......and when they work in the dark of night
the locals say they have completed an "Art Attack".
These tree sweaters are part of one of the latest "Art Attacks"!

With water views opportunities are endless!

Outside the glass shop and studio.

The Farmer's Market that houses world renowned Pike's Fish Market....where they throw the fish when ever a sale is made!
One of the oldest continuous running market in the U.S.

We had never been to the Northwest
and it seems like a good time,
since the weather in St. Louis had reached the 100 degree mark!
We knew we wanted to visit Seattle and Victoria:D
What a wonderful time we had!!!!!
Above are the pictures from our visits around the city!
So much to see and do!
Art is a way of is Healthy Living!
More bikers and joggers than I have ever seen before:D
Art, art and more art.....everywhere you look:D

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Nelda said...

I love Seattle, too. ArtFest is located on Bainbridge Island just north of there. Your pictures are beautiful. That glass shop looks fabulous.