Saturday, June 18, 2011

Theodore Lewis Graeser

He was a professional singer at one point in his life & had his own radio show.....he ballroom danced on stage (with partner) in Vaudeville type shows in Calif. He recorded several records and was actually in a movie ( even had a few lines)! He won a scholarship to a Christian College, but his parents discouraged him from going:( He played golf with many of the Hollywood actors of his day and was the personal secretary for the writer, Drew Pearson.......back in the day! My dad had a mind for math.....and could add a large column of numbers by quickly running his finger through it. Entrepreneur......he started buying up property when we were very young and owned and rented many homes in the St. Louis area. Top of his game in the Finance Business....he was sent all over the U.S. to straighten out offices that were having a hard time collecting their debts and balancing their books:D Most of all, My Dad was a wonderful husband and FATHER! He thought the sun rose and set on his girls and would tell anyone that would listen. His gentle way with my sister and I has influenced the way we handle relationships today! A good provider....yet, teaching us not to waste.....we had such a secure upbringing! He didn't spoil us with material things.....but he sure did with emotional support!!!!!! I can only hope that I have made him proud and that I have been half the parent he was. I still miss you dad!

My sweet Daddy died when he was only 62 yrs. old and I was a mere 25! Although that sounds like a long time ago.......he had such a big, warm, loving personality his memory is as clear today as it was 43 years ago!

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