Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Much to Say.....So Little Space....mostly thrifting!

This is the BIG NEWS around our house!
We are planning on changing the flooring after 13 years:D
This is the flooring we want:
Shaw Hardwood Flooring Cape Ann, Clayton series.

I have looked and looked for the last several months and have brought home numerous samples.
After much discussion and debating......
we need flooring that will last when all our grandchildren run and play.
At the present time,
we are shampooing the existing carpet every month or so.
It is worn thin in places and needs replacement!
I want to keep the look of my home light and airy.
No dark floors for me!!!!
This will be installed in kitchen,
great room,
dining room
and all hallways.
I am not looking forward to the mess, but it can't be helped.
It is time for us to do something and this flooring is just what I wanted!!!!

Couldn't pass up these gorgeous pieces earlier this spring.
Hubby and I went to the Mayfest in Maeystown, Ill.
I bought these antlers without a clue how I was going to use them.
I looked at them for a long time before I found a place I liked them.
They will probably move again,
but for the time being they are resting in a wonderful vintage wire basket
on top of the T.V. cabinet.
Simple and them:D

In the dining room I have a little black chest that holds my sheet music. On the top I have two vintage silver pieces (thrift store finds) as well as a cloche I decorated with moss, wicker ball, shells and vintage bird. It has been around for awhile:D The wreath....oh the wreath! What is not to like? Last week-end hubby and I were at a local estate sale and I picked up two of these beauties. I simply can't give them up........(they were purchased for the mall booths but I changed my mind).

These pictures feature nature in our living room.
The wire stand was a gift from my kids several years ago.
It was purchased at "The Curious Sofa" in K.C.
I use it for many things including fall gourds and nuts.
Perfect centerpiece for my coffee table:D
Right now it is filled with shells....again,
collected from garage and estate sales.
Once in a while I am able to pic some up at the thrift store. I wish I could say I picked them all up while visiting the ocean.....but no!

Our mantel is decorated with nature as well.
I dried and matted the ferns found in our yard.
The frames were thrift store finds.....
a simple coat of spray paint and I was on my way!
I used vintage player piano music as the background for the ferns.

This photo and the one below are all about thrift store finds!
Above is a combo of dishes I love using together:D
The large dinner plant was purchased along with more of the set
at T.J.Maxx several years ago.
I found an entire set of Wedgewood China (England) Ranunculus pattern
at the thrift store about a month ago.
Along with some red patterned dishes purchased at an auction last year.
I love the way they compliment each other
really enjoy using them together.
The sad part......I am out of room in my china cabinet:(

Below is a grouping of jars purchased at Goodwill at different times.
I used an Etsy site to order the black numbers
that I applied to the front of the jars.
I really like the way they look on my kitchen windowsill!
I may purchase some more of the numbers to be placed on white dishes.
They might make a nice wall collage:D

I found this darling wire chair at the Antique Mall
while cleaning up our booths.
It was just what I needed to balance the wire basket
I have hung on the wall that houses my white pitcher collection.
That is happiness.....and the price was perfect too!

I need a bigger plant and maybe a second plant for the bottom shelf!
What do you think???

While "Thrifting" I have found a couple of cake plates to add to my collection.
I like seeing them out, instead of stuck downstairs in a closet!!!

After a very long day in the sun and heat.....I am so proud of the way the yard looks. I was still working with help from hubby at 6:30 yesterday evening. I layed down a large amount of mulch along with hauling off 3 full trash cans of trimmings. With all the rain, everything has grown like I was feeding them steroids!!!! No Miracle Grow needed!

Looking outside from the lower pretty and green! We live outside in the summer and these areas
become our living and family rooms!

This is the harvest from some of my plants on my deck!
I can't wait to see the harvest from the Community Garden
I am involved with:D
Things are looking good and I will have to take a few pics and post them.
Plants are doing well with all this rain!

These are some of the fun fabrics I picked up in Paducah last month. I am making a skirt with the "Cat in the Hat" print and stripe:D The floral will be a cute little sundress .....both for one of our little girls!

I think out littlest girl will be cute in a sundress
out of these cute fabrics

I know Halloween is far off...
but this fabric will make some cute pillowcases
or skirts for my little girls!


missy j said...

Wanted to say hi! Loving your blog and you still have the most beautiful yard I have ever seen...ahhh, someday!
Glad to here Rog is doing well.
Happy Holiday!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Hello Linda
I love the flooring you selected and I think it will be perfect for your family. I also love all the treasures you have added. Hope you are having a good summer and have a safe and HAPPY 4th of July!

Nelda said...

Wow, you have found some great stuff! I know we are soul sisters, but can you believe that I have the same wreath and antlers and wire basket? I love putting the antlers with a lacey fern. Someday I want an antler chandelier. I love the way you put the red and botanical dishes together. And that flooring is perfect, white yet not too white.