Friday, May 13, 2011

Margo's therapy lesson May 9

Even though it sounds like we are hurting Margo.....that is her way of saying OMG, I am scared, I don't know about this....etc. etc. You will just have to trust me on this:D She is doing so well at her horseback lessons I can hardly believe it!!!!! When Margo doesn' want to do something.....she DOESN'T DO IT! She loves her riding lessons and immediately upon leaving the car.....runs to get her helmet on and out into the rink she goes. She is learning such can see it when she rides! She is so proud of herself when she gets off "Gypsy". She sings all the way home. Because balance is such a part of life for Autistic children....the lessons are focused on balance and following directions. The movement of the horse has a soothing effect on children as well. Margo will pat and kiss Gypsy when feeding her the carrots after her ride. It is such a GOOD THING!

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