Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ASAP for AUTISM! My new venture!

I have started a new venture......stemming from my love of this little girl and the need she has for a better life with Autism!
Margo, as most of you know, is 8 yrs. old and Autistic. I would give anything to make her world easier and better.
This new project could help many families with an Autistic child.
I am going to provide

(A Safe After-school Program for Autism).

In the summer the public schools in our area only
provide schooling for disabled children until noon!
What I have in mind is a program that will fill the afternoons for these children
while providing peace of mind for their working parents.
I have applied for the 503c non-profit tax status and several grants offered by the govt. and Pepsi Cola!
I have a program set up providing ABA, speech, occupational and physical therapy.
Autistic children will learn while having fun on field trips,
arts & crafts
possibly horseback riding.
I will keep you updated if this interests you:D
The blog is located here!

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Nelda said...

Wow, Linda! That's awesome!