Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday that keeps on giving:D

What a fabulous way to celebrate a NOT TO FABULOUS B-DAY! I only mean that from the standpoint of the year....68! Anyway, having a big family is really a treat because everyone plans B-day dinners! We have dined with all my kids and last night my sis had us for dinner. We have already had dinner with one of my step children and this week-end have plans for another. Just got a call from my oldest and he says that we need to plan another dinner because he and his family were just tag-a-longs on the dinner last week-end!!!! We are planning a dinner when the night is warm so that we can go to an outside cafe! The flowers are one of the wonderful gifts my sweet hubby gave me..............he knows how much I love fresh flowers:D Life is so good and I feel like 35 no matter what the number is!

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