Saturday, January 15, 2011


Although there are only two of us.....we have made up for it with grandchildren. Together we will soon have 16 grandchildren:D

We had years where we fought over silly things like scissors, combs, clothes and various other objects that were easily "BORROWED" and not returned...LOL! But once we were in college we became such good friends! My freshmen year I would lonesome for family and San would come to visit for a week-end!

Here we are living in Chicago. I was about 7 and San was about 3 yrs. old! Mom didn't look to happy......maybe Sandy was in trouble (just look at her face:).
As adults we decided to retire the same year so that we could spend more time together! Well, I am not sure that has happened, but we certainly have fun when we are together.......nothing like a sister! I LOVE YOU!


Dawn said...

Always wanted a sister.
Happy for you!!!!

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

You're bringing tears to my eyes, girl... I'm sure that's what you wanted to do ! ha ha ! If I remember correctly, I was always the one "borrowing" your brush, or scissors..... I could always find yours, and never could find mine !! tee hee !!