Friday, January 21, 2011

Empowerment Stones and Mud Cloth....

Today was so much fun......
working with the girls at Visitation Academy!
Every year we (the Monday Night Ladies) call into service
the help of each other to teach in their Fine Arts Day!
In Feb. I will be teaching for Connie at Sacred Heart Academy
here in Eureka:D
Always a fun time.
The girls are so attitudes here:D
The day is filled with all kinds of, music and fine art.
We made "empowerment stones" and mud cloth to wrap them.
Working with Acrylic Inks and bleach was a little tricky
since we are not teaching in the art room
(no water available and carpeted floor....Ohhhhhh no)
but there were no accidents and everyone was successful:D
These girls were so polite and accommodating
I could have taken them all home with me.......
I really miss working with kids!

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