Saturday, January 08, 2011


I really like these chandeliers and especially the top one!
These are from "The Blue Cabinet" below

I think I like the galvanized metal shades the most......I think
These are from "Barn Light Electric" below.

I have been looking for months for a UNIQUE fixture to replace a brass light over the lower level table:( NO LUCK.......until today! I found one online shop, The Blue Cabinet! I think I am in love ;D The other lamps that I found interesting are the barn light from, Barn Light Electric. See what you think............any advice would be welcome:)


Roxy with the Moxy said...

Hi babe... I like the Barn Pendant on the website... It probably wouldn't be large enough, though, and using 2 might not work. Of the three pictured at the beginning of the post, I like the first one best. The others are interesting, but a bit too "rough" looking, and too much like they are "unfinished"... happy anniversary, love you

Virginia Floyd said...

I like the top one the best, also. It appeals to my "orderly" side. I like the symmetry.