Saturday, December 25, 2010

We were dreaming of a White Christmas......

Christmas Eve we had the whole family over to celebrate. It snowed all day and we were worried that it may keep the party from our surprise, only one family didn't make it. We missed you DiDi , Ted, Gracie and Kate! This pic is of all the girls in the family wearing their scarves:D They really liked them!!!!! YEA for me:) They all looked so cute I had to take a pic.
The pic above that is me with all the peeps........except Margo, (who wasn't in the mood) Ali (downstairs counting her money...ha..ha), Maddie (who was snug in her bed in K.C,)

This morning we ventured out in the snow to Carrie's to watch the girls open their Santa gifts:D Our little city was absolutely beautiful........

The back gate as we arrived home.

Neighbors making snowmen:)

The gorgeous pines we have all over.......

A peek at one of the frozen ponds:D

This is part of the girls Christmas that I haven't shared yet! We had a section of the large yard fenced in so that the girls could play safely and Margo wouldn't decide to make a run for it:D
Rog put up two swings in the tree, sandbox, slide and clubhouse. Now they can go outside whenever they want and be safe and sound!!!!!

view from her deck!

The huge yard.....almost an acre. There is a creek bed at the far back end where the deer like to play!
Even the little sweet gum balls had piles of snow on top of them:D
Winter Wonderland......

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