Monday, December 20, 2010


After making a scarf for myself out of felted sweater scraps I had........(thinking I was using them all up).....I found more...LOL! I decided to make some more for a very special person:D They turn out so nice once steamed and edged.
Nice way to use up scraps....kind of like a scrap crazy quilt:)
Felting is so simple if you haven't done it before.
The sweater needs to be wool
(100% is the best!)
Wash in washer on HOT.......put in dryer on Hot for about 50 minutes.
That is it!
Then cut along all seams leaving you with flat pieces of felted wool
including the sleeves.
I cut them into various sizes but all were 8" across.
These stripes were sewn together by overlapping and stitching on top.
This keeps the seams rather flat.....
especially after steaming them with an iron and a wet pressing cloth!
I just used yarn and a large holed upholstery needle
to do a blanket stitch down each side.

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