Friday, December 03, 2010

A few days ago.........

....Margo rode bareback!!!!! Her trainer felt Margo really wanted to feel the horse as she rode and took everything off the horse except Margo. She loved it and felt the horse move below her. She held onto his mane for most of the ride:D In the picture above she is getting High 5's from all her helpers!!!! You go girl:D

I decorated the mantel with things I had around the house. The ferns I mounted a year ago and they had been hanging in the dining room. The frames are from a thrift shop as are the artificial artichokes.

Our mantel for Thanksgiving! I liked the natural look and found the pinecones under the trees at our village entrance:D There are several kinds and sizes.....even some that hadn't opened yet:D

.....I found this fabulous serigraph....numbered and signed (WOOOOOO) at Goodwill for $15.00. First of all I love the silk screen process and have been thinking of taking a class at Webster University. Second......this piece is 30" X 30"!!!!! Now, it could surely use a new matt and frame, but folks......someone slipped! They didn't know what they had there. Their loss was definitely my gain :D It now resides in my dining room......sweet!

.....we had our first snow :D So beautiful and serene!

Hope you had a good week as well......

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