Sunday, November 14, 2010

We started Gymnastics for Margo and Tai Quando for Milly!

The first week was just a trial to see if Margo liked it! I only got a few shots since we had to stand up above. The trampolines were pretty far away and I didn't get any pictures.

The second week was even more fun! Here Carrie (her shadow for the lessons) was trying to show her how to lay on the swing on her belly........Margo thought it was more fun to lay on Mommy...LOL!

She also liked pointing out to Mommy where the most padding was:D

Here Margo and Carrie are getting onto the trampoline! Margo liked it, but didn't want to stand up.......just bounce on her bottom and knees:D Maybe next week!
I didn't get to go to Milly's first Tai Quando lesson, but will try to make it this week. She really enjoyed it and showed me the moves she learned.......Yea....she likes it:D

Just a bad shot of Margo and Mommy coming out of the gym......she had a smile on her face the entire time!

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