Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tonight We Celebrated Chris' 40th!

My boys showing off!

After a great dinner at Tucker's Place in Soulard.......some time to just talk and catch up!

It's really hard to believe I have a child that is 40 yrs. old.......really hard:) I have loved this child for his loyalty, humor, responsibility and caring nature. He always makes sure everyone is happy and will turn inside out to accomplish that! Generous to a fault always cheering on the underdog!
When he was a teenager he would go into the city with a friend. They would purchase a package of lunchmeat, a loaf of bread and some mustard and proceed to make sandwiches for the homeless. He did all of this on his skate board:) You gotta love a teen that thinks more of others than themselves!
This week was especially meaningful since Chris took a "leap of faith" as well.....and quit his job in order to start his own company. I know he will be successful as he has always been in the past:) I love you and am so proud of have always been a parent's dream come true!


Roxy with the Moxy said...

true, true, true.... I love you, Frissy.... what a sweetheart !

Jim H. said...

Yep...NS he's not only the perfect son, but also cousin...(and brother, and husband, and Dad, the list goes on...and he pretty much hits them all!)

So happy that Christopher is getting his chance to do his OWN thing - completely - and that I get the opportunity to help him with his business, just like he has done for me !

And in that pic, looks like you and Hunter have the same hair! His is starting to straighten out a bit like Chasie's !