Monday, November 22, 2010

O.K.....I am a Reality Show Junky :D

I love the dancing and singing shows......not all of them, but SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol are my Favorites.....yes...yes...yes!
Derek Hough and his sister Julieann are two of the most exciting dancers
I have ever seen.....not that I have seen that many:D
When Jennifer Grey started on "Dancing with the Stars"
I wasn't familiar with her!
Yes, I had seen "Dirty Dancing" but that was a long time ago
Patrick was the one I was watching!
Anyway, for a 50 yr. old petite little woman.....
it is hard to believe what she can do!
She has had several serious medical issues.....but still manages to be a marvelous dancer!
So much fun to watch.....graceful, elegant and simply lovely!
Tonight I tried with everything I vote
for Derek and Jennifer.
There was absolutely NO way I could vote.......
phone, text, computer#@%$#!@#!
No matter what I did......I couldn't get through.
Now this may seem silly, BUT......Bristol Palin (whom I really like)
has had the support of her mother's Tea Party behind her
in all fairness.......she is no dancer:(
If she manages to pull the votes to win.....I will be hard pressed to watch next season.
When dancing becomes is time to turn away!
Don't we have enough politics in our lives already?
I can only hope that the true BEST DANCER wins!!!!!!!!!!

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