Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Progress.....

I have planned for several years to provide an Advent Calendar for the kids......but never completed it:( Well.........this year is the exception! Now, this is nothing artsy and fancy like some of the blogs have featured. I am just happy to have them in progress. I found these paper Advent Calendars at "Christopher's" in Kirkwood while shopping with a friend the other day. I decided that I would accompany the calendars with treat bags to go with each day............well, that sounded good until I realized that I could be creating 100 bags since I am making them for 4 of the grandchildren! I started hunting for little inexpensive gifts that would fill the bags. It took several day, but I finally had enough and started filling the cello bags I bought. Above are some pics of the mess on my island as I started packaging up the treats. I now need to figure out a sticker or tag for each bag to number them..............they will have to hunt for the right bag to match the day. Hope they enjoy these......I never had an Advent Calendar and always wanted one!!!

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