Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fun Week With Kids:D

The boys came out for a sleep-over and we always have so much fun! They are really full of life and giggles. Above they are dancing in a high strung manner right before bedtime.....not always a good idea..LOL! They are getting so big, it is hard to believe that 4 1/2 years ago they were two little bundles that some had a hard time telling apart! Where does the time go??????

This week we started Gymnastics for Margo. Carrie is her shadow which can be good and bad...ha..ha! Margo sometimes responds to a trainer better than MOMMY! You see, she already knows how to push Mommy's trainer....not so much! Margo seems to really enjoy it:D I didn't get shots of the best part.......Margo on the trampoline. She had to do it at her own speed......but when ignored, she slowly snuck onto the trampoline by herself:D
Another success for my baby.....YEA!

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