Sunday, October 10, 2010

This and That.......

These pics uploaded in the wrong order.....but....Oh well, I am too tired to start over.....
This is a rack I found garage-saling yesterday and I will use it to display Cabinet Cards at the antique mall! I love re-purposing almost anything, but racks really come in handy when displaying items at the mall:D
This is a little collection I started a while back. I decided to collect dinnerware from the 1950's with turquoise detail. I emptied out my cabinet of dishes and started to speak:D I have over a hundred pieces now and have turquoise table clothes, napkins and placemats to match. I have even found bakeware by Fireking and Pyrex that match as well. The pattern is Biscayne by Salem pottery. One thing I really like is that the dishes are lighter in weight and IN SIZE! The idea behind this is that we are eating less because less fits on our plates.
Did you know that modern dinner plates are the size of vintage (say 1950-60) platters? Well, they are! It amazes me the difference in size and consumption!!!!!
Anyway, I started seeing pitchers, coffee and tea pots in that same turquoise blue and scarfed them up as well........I have even purchased a few Melmac pieces in the same color:D

Now, back to the racks.......see I told you about the mix up in get the idea though:D
This rack was purchased at a thrift store for 3.00 and I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but I sprayed it teal blue and waited for inspiration.
While trying to figure out how to sell some of my MANY vintage photos....I decided to use the rack. Really happy with the results:D
See what you think.
It is kind of hard to see with all the background noise......sorry!

You get the idea.

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