Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Found Fun!!!!!!!!!!

Surfing the Internet, I found a photo editing site that is FREE and very much like Photoshop Elements:D Many of the same effects are possible and simple to do! Last night I was captured for several hours playing with some of my photos and am sharing a few of the results. I am not into layering (not because I don't want to be though...ha..ha). I suppose I will have to take a class for that since I can't seem to get it on my own. But this was a site that let me play and with little pressure to the old 'nogin'.....My 'nogin' is older than most of yours....LOL

This is my favorite so far:D
If you are interested click here:
Let me know if you have any success and I will publish on my blog:D

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh how fun!! Thanks!! I just tried it out and I think I could waste way too much time playing on that website!