Friday, October 01, 2010

First Lesson.............

Today was Margo's first lesson at the Exceptional Equestrian where they work with disabled children. We had no idea they would really be able to get her atop a big horse......they were sure they would...LOL! She not only got up there, but spent 1/2 hour riding around giving the horse commands like whoa, stop, go!!!!!! It was sooooo damn cute and Carrie and I were in tears (Happy Tears). All I can say is....they are miracle workers:D

Needless to say, she was apprehensive.........considering up until several months ago she was deathly afraid of dogs...much less something as big as a horse:D

Her instructors came highly recommended....and I can see why! It is people like this that put a smile in your heart!!!!!! Dedicated and truely loving Margo's success.
Her first few minutes were scary and she didn't know what to make of it....but with the sweet encouragement of her instructors it wasn't long that she was sitting tall in the saddle!
Can't wait for next Friday to roll around to watch her again riding like a big girl:D

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am sure Margo will soon love riding. :) Hope all is well - have a wonderful weekend!