Friday, September 24, 2010


This evening we went to a riding stable that focuses on children with disabilities! What a gorgeous place:D Margo was a little hesitant (maybe 'a little' is not strong enough...LOL) She and Milly ventured out into the stable while two little girls were having their lesson. I was interested to see how far Margo would go without being frightened. She didn't seem as bothered by the big horses as I thought she would be.

Here she is comtemplating moving closer......with a big smile on her face! I think she likes the whole atmosphere:D

Really not too thrilled about petting the horse with Lindsey (her soon to be trainer).

Milly seems more daring.....but that doesn't surprise us:D

Margo and Lindsey took the little horse for a walk out on the trail. She didn't want to get too close, but was comfortable walking on the other side of Lindsey as they walked the minature horse:D So cute!

She will start her riding sessions next week.....they seem sure they will have her on a horse at the first lesson......I say, "Good Luck"....LOL!
Our little princess on a horse......more than I can even hope for! I am soooooo excited:D
Not setting my sights too high at this point....just want her to have something she enjoys and succeeds at!

Here she is putting the minature back into his stall!

The ring where they walk the horses once the children are ready:D

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