Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Clever Friend...............

I have a sweet friend, Sharon.....that is so talented and yet few have seen her lovely home! She should have been on a house tour years ago......but, now that she is getting ready to pack up and move back to California I just had to share a few pics.
This pic is looking through her kitchen to her deck. Love the french doors and feel of the outside being a part of her inside space.

This pic is of her kitchen table and the wonderful frame she has sitting on it:D Hanging in the frame is an example of her hammered aluminum collection...that numbers in the 100's!

One day while we were junking.....she came across this little wooden shelf......she had to have it she said! Next time I saw it, it was gracing her darling kitchen chocked full of her cooking supplies!
You can barely make out her collection of vintage glass pitchers she has above her cabinets.

Sharon has always loved BIG! BIG lamps, BIG furniture and BIG accessories! You gotta love it. Nothing in her house sits parallel or perpendicular to the walls.....she always finds the greatest angles to show off her furniture:D

I love the way she stacks things against the walls....or leans them. In her bedroom she has doors and picture frames stacked (picture frames not seen here). Sharon has been collecting hammered aluminum for about 20 years and has a vast assortment. She uses them for display all over the house. Here you see a collection abive her bed.

You talk about a studio.....Sharon has transposed her lower level into the most fabulous work area. I only have this one picture but the opposing walls are all filled with shelving units ceiling to floor....FILLED WITH FABRIC! She has a set of sliding doors that lead out to the most charming little patio. We enjoyed the Fall day out there for a little while.

Sharon's deck is off of her kitchen and oh so inviting. The trees around it have grown and provide complete privacy. Her gardens below are magnificent....sorry I didn't get more pictures. She served a wonderful salad and corn and zucchini souffle. She had several toppings for the souffle as well. Hot rolls, tea and a delightful layered dessert! Felt like I was at the Ritz.

This is just a small part of the patio off her studio and the plantings found there. The cobblestone path turns and goes under her deck with a seating area there as well. This all ties up with another patio off the mid-floor family room. Really charming with vines cascading off the deck.

Thank you clever lady for a fun filled afternoon. Always love spending time with you!!!!

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