Thursday, June 24, 2010

Need to Step Up My Grandma Side.......


Last night I had a lengthy conversation with one of the kids.........feeling hurt that I am spending too much time and energy in areas where it isn't appreciated:{ I am really taking it to heart....but.....there is only so much of me! I guess some don't realize that a mom is only as happy as her sadest child or grandchild. When one of your own gets down, it is a natural instinct for a mom to focus on getting them back up! I guess it could be called C0-depencence.....but I believe it is built in to the main frame of a "Mom". Those of you that are mothers know that you love all your children the same different ways! If one is gliding by beautifully in life you feel peace and calm:D When one hits a snag your natural instict is to run and pick them up! I must be more careful about dividing my time I see now.....and must stay more involved with all at the same time! Thanks Jeff for the wake-up call:D I love you!

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