Monday, June 21, 2010

Joining The Work Force Again.......

I am going to be starting work a small way :D I will be working at the Antique Mall where Sandy and I have our booths! I want to do something to make a little extra money and found that there was going to be an opening at Great Midwest! I jumped on it since I already know all the people that work there and it is familiar territory for me. We shall see how it goes after Wednesday afternoon when I get the lowdown on what is expected of me:D

Tonight was an auction night for us! Always fun and an evening I look forward to. We bought several pieces; antique wood carved bed frame and antique dresser mirror. I also bought a large handmade baby cradle. I think I will be painting the bed frame white with a shabby chic finish. Probably the same on the mirror. The cradle could really be cute if painted decoratively. Maybe some linens for the bed would make it even more appealing.....we will see!

I will post some pics as I finish the pieces.


cheryl kuhn said...

What a perfect job to have!! The only problem I would have is that I would spend my paycheck buying things from all the other hope you enjoy it lots and am looking forward to seeing your auction finds!

Meem said...

Sure hope you don't need to set an alarm!