Thursday, June 17, 2010

for your eyes only.......

This blog is for :

Chris W. Chris H. Christine, Sheila, Carrie, Laura, Arica, Jeff, Ali, Sandy, Bus, Jimmy and Tracey:D

(those are the family member emails I had....if you know of another family member that would like to be included just send me their email address)

I think I have successfully blocked all visitors but immediate family to this blog and plan on continuing business as usual:D Due to an ugly divorce and many blog hits from India (a little scary when you receive 15 a day from the same city in India), I have taken measures to make this a safe and secure place to put comments and pictures of our daily life! I hope you will continue to visit and add any comments when you want to. I am also being more careful on FB these days although I still view it :D I had people telling Carrie about her new house before she even moved in....due to some pics I posted of us working on it. I don't like being cynical about anything in life....not my style....but when I found that comments I posted played out like a "soap opera" to the Benkelman family, I decided it was time to quit!!!!!

Hope you don't find this bizaar because I am not a "drama queen", just a concerned parent and grandparent!

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Jim said...

As I said to your email Auntie, I completely understand! No need to share that information with folks that really shouldn't be concerned with it in the first place! And now, since you know all about SEO too from your work with Christopher, might as well include my web address here...since Google will like that I a good link from a blog that's been around as long as yours! Jimmy http://www.hattrickassociates.oom