Thursday, April 08, 2010

S-T-R-E-T-C-H & SEW......

Are any of you old enough to have heard of "Stretch & Sew"?????

Well, most of you were born after the craze had passed:D

"Stretch & Sew" was a way of sewing with stretch knits.....a rather new thing in the 60's. There were books and classes taught on the techniques.

Since stretch knit fabric was a rather new thing at the became a hit!

My sis and I took classes on sewing undies, t-shirts and even swim suits.

Once sewing became passe,

cloth stores closed and sewing machines were put into storage.

With the new resurgence of handmade, green, economical, thrifty

.......we are seeing more fabric available at the local level

not to mention that which can be found online!

SEWING is back....YEA!

I have been finding more cotton knits available in stores


decided to dig out the old methods now that I have a SERGER!

My first try has been some t-shirts

and am I surprised

how fast and easy they are......

I had almost forgotten:D

With the help of my new Serger and a Burda pattern

borrowed from a friend,

I have completed my first T-Shirts and vow to make many more.....


Sharon said...

OMGosh, I remember the stretch & sew term. And I made a gillion tees. My favorite was witha raglen (sp?) sleeve because it was so fast. But I'm not familiar with that Burda pattern. I'll google it. And I need my behind kicked because I too have a wonderful serger that I need to be using.

cheryl kuhn said...

wow, that would be so great to be able to make t-shirts! I am anxious to see what you will sew up next!

Patty said...

Gosh I used to stretch and sew but then I got too lazy, of course, and gave up :)