Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nothing Like GOOD FRIENDS!

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Today was a special day with "Special Friends".
I had mentioned what I was doing lately and they wanted to be a part!
That is Penny, Mary and Susie (you may recognize some from our workdays).
The day was set, lunch was arranged, house was straightened and they arrived
"Bells On"!
Each of them had brought and purchased items
like toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, washclothes, candy, bars, toys etc.
We started at about 10:30 and with a break for lunch,
we made and filled 30 Ditty Bags
for orphans in Haiti!
along with cutting out another 8 pr. of pants for little boys
even a couple more dresses:D
What a good feeling!
I now have 20 dresses completed
Susie took home many to sew up later!
We are planning another day of sewing
since we have quite a few supplies remaining.
This is such a good feeling to spend time knowing it will be appreciated:D

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