Sunday, March 21, 2010

My favorite "Shop Owner".....SWEET SUE at Recycled Rose!
It is hard to get a picture.....she is a bit shy, but one of the nicest
people I know!
Her shop is filled with customers.......and....she has a personal relationship with every one of them:D
She is sincere and caring, which makes her so successful!
You know the old adage......."I never met a man I didn't like"?
Well it couldn't be MORE TRUE when it comes to Sue!
She has a way of making each and every person that darkens her door
feel like one of her best friends.
I was there yesterday bringing in some journals when a customer came in
and started telling Sue that she had just received a bad test result on a biopsy.
The conversation went on for awhile and I was drawn into the discussion.
When it came time for the woman to leave, she was purchasing a piece
of vintage concrete garden art.
Sue smiled and said, "No Charge, that is your Good Luck charm for today":D
That is just how she is..........always caring!
I have made some of the dearest friends through Sue and her shop!
Let me add that many of my friends have found a real friend in Sue!
She handles my sister's work, my daughters work and many of my closest friend's work!!!!
I am so glad I happend into her shop one day
8 years ago:D

Just a little peek into my favorite shop in St. Louis....


cheryl kuhn said...

Boy it warms your heart to hear that there are still such nice, caring people in the world! You were very lucky to have found each other!!

Cory said...

wow...what a nice shop, Wish I lived closer. Thanks for sharing.

cindy said...

It is a fantastic shop. Love the mix of vintage and handmade. Wish I lived closer!

yapping cat