Friday, February 12, 2010

some much needed R&R.....

We celebrated Rog's Birthday in Vegas this year!
We like to stay at the Golden Nugget downtown
and then hit the strip at night!
We were taken with the new WYNN complexes.
Steve Wynn has owned many of the gorgeous hotels
casinos on the strip (including the Nugget)
has outdone himself with the new "Wynn resort"
the brand new "Encore"......
Having been an interior designer for many years, the decor is what I go to see. The new Encore is spectacular.....
even if you are not a gambler (which we aren't)
the ambience, food and atmosphere are intoxicating:D
The weather was nice....around 60 during the day...and a much needed change from the cold and snow.
The new pools at the Nugget were heated and many were enjoying the warm water and sun!
The highlight of the trip was an evening at the Mandalay Bay to see
"The Lion King"!
Next time it comes to St. Louis I want to make sure some of the grandkids get a chance to see this magical production.
We always rent a car and drive to the strip at night deciding where we want to drop a little cash and have a fine dinner.

The structures are amazing as is the engineering of space!

The landscape the designers and architects are able to create is unbelieveable. All these vistas are manmade.....but you would never know it if you weren't in Vegas!

Most of these shots were taken at the Encore or Wynn hotels.
Steve Wynn has a love of art
always includes some fabulous pieces in his hotel decor.
At the Bellagio he has an art museum of his own collection
including many pieces by the French Impressionists....along with Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and more.
The lobby of the Bellagio has Chihuly chandeliers that are valued in the millions.
The mosaic tile floors and wall decor here at the Encore are "to die for"!
OMGoodness, the detail and craftsmanship is beyond words.
The theme of Butterflies is carried out in wall painting, color, carpet and tile flooring!
With a concentration on the Chinese New Year.....the hotel was decorated in RED DRAGONS and paper lanterns.

Wynn uses the ceilings as well as the walls to enhance the atmosphere. Every ceiling is magnificent as are the chandeliers and lighting. His use of fabrics gives the place a cozy feeling.

The last photo if of the St. Louis Square
where Rog and I got married almost 20 years ago.
Although the chapel is gone, the Square holds a special spot in my heart!

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cheryl kuhn said...

Wow, thanks so much for sharing all of those wonderful photos. I am so happy that you and your hubby had such a special time, it looked like so much fun!