Saturday, January 02, 2010

Too Long......................

Tonight we had a great evening with Chad, Kelly, Sophie and Jack! Papa and Jack had a play-off on the Wii Bowling:D Kids act like they were born with a joy stick in their hands! Sophie wanted to play in my studio and ended up making a beautiful piece of artwork to celebrate her other grandparents wedding anniversary. Both of the kids played their latest pieces on the piano.....and we were certainly impressed:D They have gotten so big and Jack is so mature it was like talking to another adult. How do they change so quickly? We must get together more often.........too much time between visits. Thanks for such a fun visit!

Jack showed off his Wii talents and beat the pants off of all of us:D

Kelly and I caught up on all the latest decorating trends while the boys played games downstairs!

After a little pizza and some homemade cookies we said our good-byes until our next visit:D

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