Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Memory Tree...................

Funny, I can't remember what movie we watched last night but when it comes time to put up the Memory Tree.......well..........I can tell you where I got every ornament:D I have ornaments that were given to me the year I graduated from college! Many that were accumulated either for the kids or from the kids. Ornaments that were given to me by students and some I handmade through the years. I have ornaments that my artist friends have made for me as well as ornaments that were given to me for special occasions. Actually, I have so many that they couldn't possibly all fit on one tree......maybe not even two! I simply take out the containers that my hand first rests upon and those are the ones that will deck the halls this year:D Oh Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such joy in remembering:D

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