Saturday, December 05, 2009

HOLIDAY SOIREE......Recycled Rose!

All of the artists that took part in the Soiree............
What a fun day it was.......filled with fabulous creativity, laughter and goodies to eat!

Here Diane is modeling her newly purchased jacket made by Laura.......the detail was to die for!

My sis was working on a painting of Margo as the festivities swirled around her:D

My son stopped by for a sneak peek and to see what all the hub bub was about!

Carrie's jewelry was a real hit.....especially her "Bling" for the ears:D

Here is Sandy again..............she is fabulous at portraits!!!!!

Sharon had some darling bedroom slippers, treat bags and necklaces!

Here is Sue and her daughter trying to keep up with the finances:D

These were the cutest "Fairy Houses"! The girls that made these had published a book they wrote about the fairy's leaving glowing rocks.........if you purchased the house you received the darling book and a specially wrapped bag of sparkling rock too:D So sweet for the believers!

This is Steve that provides much of the furniture for the shop! He is so clever and can make a purse out of a sow's ear!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura makes the cute lambs...........amazing that she can find so many way to decorate them for the Christmas Holidays! One man was making a purchase and volunteered that he now had 20 of her lambs:D My kind of guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura is especially talented with the needle and thread. She made that darling jacket that you see modeled in several of the photos. She takes thrift shop finds and turn them into Anthropology Must Haves! Her jackets never make it past the front door without someone claiming the them as their own!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl:D

Here is Sharon fondling a darling hand knitted hat that converts into a little purse:D

The shop was glowing with candle light, decorations galore and happy smiling faces!

My daughter and daughter-in-law looking at all the pretties!

Here is Gerry and her friend trying to decide who should purchase the wonderful jacket made by Laura!

This was sort of a family affair for us:D

Thanks Sue for a wonderful day and putting the icing on the cake for this Holiday Season!


Roxy with the Moxy said...

my, my, what glowing reviews !!!-- It really was fabulous though, wasn't it, sis ? love you !-
You didn't EVEN SHOW your darling boxes, wreaths, journals, or any of your other fantastic goodies that YOU made! Really, guys, this girl is something else !!

cheryl kuhn said...

thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos, I enjoyed looking at them all and wish I could have been there!!