Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hermann, Mo. 2009.........fabulous day!

Today was our annual journey to Hermann, Mo. along the Missouri the winter wonderland that happens only once a year:D Father Bob of St. George's Parrish decorates the rectory.........every inch of it......for the holiday season. They (a dedicated group) start the first of October and work all the way through until the two day open house!!!!!! What an effort. Every corner is attended to and it is open to the public for two days only. The only thing asked of the public is a gift donation if possible. A real treat for everyone! For the past years it has been the decorating highlight of my holiday and something I excitedly look forward to:D
Here we all are ready for the Chris Kringle House craftshow downtown.
The German background of the town is duplicated in the theme of the artwork and surroundings of the show!
Then it was off to lunch and then the St. George Rectory!

We enjoyed some Christmas Carols with local carolers!

One room is more beautiful than the next!

Wizard of Oz Room where Father Bob has painted a mural!

Irish this year!

Irish Tree:D

Father Bob and Bev:D

Dining Table set for Dicken's Christmas Characters!

Not very clear.....but the chandelier had cups and creamers hanging from it:D

Buffet with Punch Bowl:D

Hallway with silver hanging on the wall:D

This little tree was decorated with silver spoons and forks. It is placed in a silver ice bucket:D

Kitchen island counter:D

The livingroom parlor tree!
Over 300 ornaments and thousands of pearls:D

Hallway on first floor:D

The parlor tree with pearls:D

A little secretary in the front parlor!

A fireplace in Parlor!
Hope you enjoyed these photos!
Click on any that you want to see more detail.
If you live anywhere nearby it is certainly worth a trip:D

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my gosh how fun. You girls look like you are ready for the action. I love the one tree with gobs of ornaments and beads. Makes me feel like I could still fit some more ornaments on mine.